Saturday, December 13, 2014

More New Episode Titles and Screenshots [UPDATED]

TV Info has added the German schedule information for two more half-hours of the new Gadget series in addition to the five we already knew. One English episode title is missing, sadly, but here's the full updated list, including episodes 6 and 7 at the bottom:

Episode 1
1a. Gadget 2.0 - Part 1
1b. Gadget 2.0 - Part 2 

Episode 2 
2a. Towering Towers
2b. Game Over Man, Game Over 

Episode 3
3a. Rock Out 
3b. Strike A Pose 

Episode 4
4a. Better Class Of MAD
4b. Cough Due To Claw 

Episode 5
5a. Dog Show Days Are Over
5b. One Bad Apple

Episode 6
6a. Sucks Like MAD
6b. ? (titled "Eine Krallen-Hand für Titus" in German).

Episode 7
7a. Gadget's Da Bomb
7b. Gadget Management

Now, as you can see, episode 6b's English title is missing... and the reason for that is, the episode guide sent out by Super RTL mistakenly lists the English titles for both #6a and #6b as "Sucks Like MAD". Looking at the German title and synopsis for #6a, "Der Saugotron 9000", it's quite obious that this is "Sucks Like MAD", since the plot is centered around a vacuum cleaner. (Yep, I know enough German to see that without translating.) So that leaves us without a known English title for #6b right now. Ah well. Here's the German Super RTL schedule for episodes 6 and 7, including my direct translations of the German titles...

Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 19:45 - Episode 6
6a. Der Saugotron 9000 [The Suck-O-Tron 9000] - Sucks Like MAD
6b. Eine Krallen-Hand für Titus [A Claw Hand For Talon] - ?

Friday, January 30, 2015 at 19:45 - Episode 7
7a. Eine explosive Pizza [An Explosive Pizza] - Gadget's Da Bomb
7b. Das MAD-Agenten-Treffen [The M.A.D. Agent Gathering] - Gadget Management

And not least, here's the rest of the new screenshots...

From episode 6a, "Sucks Like MAD".

From episode 6. Penny and Brain are chasing Talon... or trying, anyway.
Note: The site caption for this actually says they're chasing "den Sohn
von Doktor Kralle", i. e. Dr Claw's son. Get your info together, TV Info. 

From episode 6.

From episode 7a, "Gadget's Da Bomb". 

...and a rerun of the top image, which i find cute and a bit interesting. This is from episode 6, though I don't know which part. Looking at the background, it's hard not to make associations to the classic episode "Haunted Castle", and the strong use of purple in the background indicates to me that this is one of Dr Claw's castles... 'cause, like it or not, purple is M.A.D.'s new black. Might we be seeing a new horror-themed episode? (I do hope, by the way, that this really is only ONE of Dr Claw's castles, and that he has multiple bases and headquarters around the world, as in the original season 1. The thought driven home by later reboots that he would have only one home base, which everybody knows the location of, is ridiculous.)

Is Gadget protecting himself or his family here? Maybe both.

UPDATE (December 15): The TV Info site for episode 6 (specifically for its rerun on January 25, at 09:35) actually added one screenshot after I checked it on Saturday. Here it is... and look who's fighting...

UPDATE #2 (December 16): I just noticed that, for some bizarre reason, I had misspelled the title of episode #7a as "Gadget Da Bomb", whereas its real title is "Gadget's Da Bomb". This is especially weird to me as I distinctly remember double-checking all the episode titles and coming to the conclusion that "Gadget Da Bomb" was correct. But I've now checked three different sources, and the correct title is indeed "Gadget's Da Bomb". I've corrected the mistake throughout the post.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gadget Reboot Dates Announced For Boomerang Asia and Boomerang Australia

Listen up, Asians and Australians! Turns out you'll be getting the new Inspector Gadget series earlier than (almost) anyone else that's been announced so far! Let's look at the premiere date for Boomerang Australia, via Toonzone's Boomerang International News and Discussion Thread. This press sheet has apparently been out since at least November 6 (and the Australian rebrand began already on November 3):

So: Boomerang Australia's premiere date is Monday, January 5, 2015, with the series slated to air regularly at 4:30 PM every weekday, Monday through Friday. Here's a transcript of the show presentation for reference, and because I like it:

Evil has reawakened and threatens to spread its MADness across the world. There's only one man who has what it takes to stand in its way ... Go Go Gadget! Once again the world's greatest[ish] detective is here to go gadget-to-claw with the forces of evil. Part man, part machine, part unstoppable natural disaster, Inspector Gadget - the world's first, and only, top secret bionic police investigator - is out of retirement and raring to go in this brand new CGI series!

And now, how about Boomerang Asia? Well, according to news announced yesterday, just a few hours ago...

Boomerang refresh continues with Asia move 
Boomerang will relaunch in the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Myanmar. 
In the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Myanmar, Boomerang will replace Cartoonito channel feed on January 1, 2015. 
Boomerang was last on air in Southeast Asia in December 2012, a Turner spokesman told TBI. 
“The channel is powered with premium content from Warner Bros. meaning that it will now be the home in Southeast Asia for the likes of Tom and Jerry, Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo,” said Mark Eyers, chief content officer, kids, Turner International Asia Pacific. 
“The re-launch is a global initiative with a commitment to acquire the world’s very best animation, and we’ll be one of the first regions to unveil the new-look brand. Right from the start, we’ll be airing the all-new Inspector Gadget [pictured] and Turbo FAST series.” 
The network will also have the animated reboot of UK comedy Mr Bean. 
Boomerang’s move to an all-animation youth and family-targeted channel began in October, with a plan to reposition it as a ‘second flagship’ Turner kids channel that would sit alongside Cartoon Network. 
The new look began rolling out on September 29 and then debuted in Australia on November 3. It completes next year.

Summing up: Boomerang Asia's premiere date for the reboot - likely across all of the above-mentioned areas - is Thursday, January 1, 2015; the day the Asian rebrand rolls out. It's impossible to tell, but this New Year's date airing just might become the show's first. It's certainly the earliest date I've seen 'till now.

Oh, and here's yet another cropped (though sharp) version of that there picture. This one has the title logo removed from Gadget's hat hand... I wonder what Chief Quimby is so anxious about now.

New Look Boomerang France Bumper With Gadget

At 00:30 in this all-new (yesterday) Boomerang France ad, Gadget pops up and plays a little with a scene from his own series...

Only 3 weeks and 3 days to go for French Boomerang viewers!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

First 10 Episode Titles of Inspector Gadget's Reboot Revealed - The Show Kicks Off With The Two-Parter "Gadget 2.0"!

Via the sites and, I've been able to find the episode titles and German air dates for the new series' first five half-hours, i. e. the first ten 11-minute episodes. The episode guide provided by broadcaster Super RTL handily includes both the German and the original English-language titles. I'll list them in English first...

Episode 1
1a. Gadget 2.0 - Part 1
1b. Gadget 2.0 - Part 2 

Episode 2 
2a. Towering Towers
2b. Game Over Man, Game Over 

Episode 3
3a. Rock Out 
3b. Strike A Pose 

Episode 4
4a. Better Class Of MAD
4b. Cough Due To Claw 

Episode 5
5a. Dog Show Days Are Over
5b. One Bad Apple

So, YAY! The series starts out with a full, 22-minute two-parter! I had been hoping the half-hour production format would be utilized this way, should the story require it... and if I'm right, then the plot of "Gadget 2.0" really might require that much time. This is very likely the story that has been teased in the German-released series synopsis, of how the retired Gadget is forced to return to his job as a police inspector due to Dr Claw being freed from "hibernation" and reactivating M.A.D. (Sigh. If anyone German reading this knows an alternate translation for the word "Kältestarre", please let me know. I really don't get that hibernation part.) "Gadget 2.0" is the start of a new chapter in the lives of Gadget and his family - at least that's how I'm reading the title.

Amusingly, many of the German-translated titles are pretty far off from the original English versions. Whereas the English titles are stuffed with wordplays and alliterations, the German ones seem to be more straightforward regarding the storylines of the episodes. (Understandable to some degree -- wordplays can be hard to translate.) In the below airing schedule for the first 5 half-hours on Super RTL, I have added direct translations of the German titles in brackets:

(Note: all episodes will be rerun at 09:35 on Super RTL the day after their first airing.)

Friday, January 9, 2015 at 19:45
1a Die Rückkehr (1) [The Return (1)] - Gadget 2.0 - Part 1
1b Die Rückkehr (2) [The Return (2)] - Gadget 2.0 - Part 2 

Saturday, January 10, 2015 at 19:45
2a Wolkenkratzer-Alarm [Skyscraper Alarm] - Towering Towers
2b Die Alien-Attacke [The Alien Attack] - Game Over Man, Game Over 

Friday, January 16, 2015 at 19:45
3a Der doppelte Pop-Star [The Double Pop Star] - Rock Out
3b Professor Rotoskop in Gefahr [Professor Von Slickstein In Danger] - Strike A Pose 

Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 19:45
4a Der entführte Filmstar [The Kidnapped Movie Star] - Better Class Of MAD
4b Gute Besserung, Gadget! [Get Well Soon, Gadget!] - Cough Due To Claw

Friday, January 23, 2015 at 19:45
5a Der beste Hund [The Best Dog] - Dog Show Days Are Over
5b Operation Monster-Apfel [Operation Monster Apple] - One Bad Apple

Note the title of episode 2B, "Game Over Man, Game Over", which is translated to "The Alien Attack" in German. This is clearly the episode we see an excerpt of in the WorldScreen preview clip, but for some reason, its on-screen title there is just "Game Over, Man". I guess time will tell if the title has been changed for the TV airing.

Also, here's a bonus -- the separate TV Info sites for episodes 4 and 5 on TV Info included some actual screenshots! All low-res, unfortunately, but we'll take what we can get. Judging by the picture descriptions there, it seems possible to link some of the images to specific 11-minute episodes... so I'll do that where I can.

Episode 4 - Better Class of MAD / Cough Due to Claw

Loving this one of Penny and Brain in action.

From 4a, Better Class of MAD. Gadget, Penny and Brain study
a poster image of, probably, the episode's kidnapped movie star.

Did Brain ever drive the Gadget Mobile in the original series? I can't
remember seeing that. (Not that I doubt his driving abilities.)

From 4a, Better Class of MAD

Episode 5 - Dog Show Days Are Over / One Bad Apple

From 5a, Dog Show Days Are Over

From 5a, Dog Show Days Are Over. This picture of Brain working
undercover on the dog show makes me smile. He is Brain, after all. Can't
just go there as a dog.

From 5a, Dog Show Days Are Over

One last thing to round off: The comprehensive separate sites for each half-hour on TV Info additionally includes synopses of the episodes. I considered translating these... but then, after looking at them in Google Translate, came to the conclusion that they reveal a little too much of the plots for my taste. Images and episode titles are one thing, but synopses are naturally much more informative and detailed.

Some of you might be surpriced to hear me say this. After all, I've been searching for every bit of info I could find about this series for more than 2 1/2 years. And admittedly, skimming through some of the episode plots, of course I found them interesting. Looking for news about this reboot is in my blood now. But there comes a point in time - especially now that the premiere is drawing closer and closer - when you don't necessarily want to know every little detail about the series' plots and storylines. When it feels better to just wait for the episodes to start airing... and then sit back, relax and (hopefully) enjoy watching them.

Besides, except for the opening two-parter, all the episodes announced so far are eleven minutes. I do hope to see more double episodes pop up through the 26 half-hours... but, considering the short run times as well, I really don't need to know everything before going in.

Still, because I like to make my news reports as complete as possible, I'll include the synopses in German underneath. I'm not sure what I'll do when English-language synopses start popping up. Maybe copy them without looking, or maybe just link to them. (Or hey, maybe I'll change my mind about all this tomorrow.) Anyhow, those who are curious enough can paste the German text into Google Translate. I'll make note of one detail, though: As seen in the synopsis for episode 3a, Dr Claw's nephew Talon is named "Titus" in German.

1. Die Rückkehr - Teil 1 / Die Rückkehr - Teil 2 (Gadget 2.0 - Part 1 / Gadget 2.0- Part 2)
Lange Zeit war er der Schrecken aller Verbrecher, doch vor einigen Jahren hat sich Inspector Gadget in den Ruhestand zurückgezogen. Jetzt genießt der schusselige Rentner sein Leben, doch wird er jäh aus diesem Zustand gerissen: Die Polizei bittet ihn, sie im Kampf gegen Dr. Kralle zu unterstützen, der aus der Kältestarre erwacht ist. Die Lage ist so ernst, dass Inspector Gadget keine Wahl bleibt und er in den Polizeidienst zurückkehrt. Gemeinsam mit seiner Nichte Sophie und ihremHund Fino nimmt er den Kampf gegen Dr. Kralle wieder auf. Natürlich kann er dabei nicht auf seine berühmte Uniform sowie die genialen Go-Go-Gadgetos verzichten...

2. Wolkenkratzer-Alarm / Die Alien-Attacke (Towering Towers / Game Over Man, Game Over)
1. Geschichte: Dr. Kralle hat einen hinterhältigen Plan: Er will die weltweite Kommunikation beherrschen! Um dies zu erreichen, lässt er eine Antenne von schier unvorstellbarer Größe errichten. Inspector Gadget macht sich mit Sophie und Fino an die Arbeit, um Dr. Kralles Plan zu durchkreuzen 2. Geschichte: Astronauten verschwinden unter ungewöhnlichen Umständen von einer Raumstation. Inspector Gadget eilt zur Hilfe und hat schon bald eine Vermutung: Aliens müssen hinter den unerklärlichen Vorgängen stecken...

3. Der doppelte Pop-Star / Professor Rotoskop in Gefahr (Rock Out / Strike a Pose)
1. Geschichte: Dr. Kralles Neffe Titus versucht verzweifelt, sich als Rockstar zu etablieren. Um seinem Ziel näher zu kommen, versucht er, die Rolle des Superstars Nigel einzunehmen. Doch damit nicht genug: Mithilfe eines Gedankenmanipulators will er die Fans zu einer willenlosen Armee umpolen. Kann Inspector Gadget ihn aufhalten? 2. Geschichte: Dr. Kralle hat es auf Professor Rotoskop abgesehen, denn er will an dessen neueste Erfindung gelangen. Inspector Gadget und Sophie begleiten den Wissenschaftler zu einer Messe, um ihn vor MADetta, einer Agentin von Dr. Kralle zu beschützen.

4. Der entführte Filmstar / Gute Besserung, Gadget! (Better Class of MAD / Cough Due to Claw)
1. Geschichte: Sean Shrapnel, ein berühmter Schauspieler, verschwindet spurlos. Jetzt ist es an Inspector Gadget, die Ermittlungen zu übernehmen. Gemeinsam mit Sophie und Fino macht er sich auf den Weg zur Insel Isla Diabolica, wo ihn die letzte Spur von Shrapnel hinführt. Baald wird klar, dass Dr. Kralle seine Tatzen beim Verschwinden im Spiel haben könnte... 2. Geschichte: Inspector Gadget hat sich eine schwere Erkältung eingefangen. Deshalb muss Sophioe eine Mission für ihn übernehmen: Sophie soll einen Dieb schnappen, der im Auftrag von Dr. Kralle Kunstwerke aus Museen stiehlt. Doch als Sophie den Übeltäter auf frischer Tat ertappt, erlebt sie eine faustdicke Überraschung...

5. Der beste Hund / Operation Monster-Apfel (Dog Show Days Are Over / One Bad Apple)
1. Geschichte: Dr. Kralle verkleidet seine Katze als Hund, damit sie an einer Hundeshow teilnehmen kann. Dort soll sie eine Spezialbrille tragen, um per Hypnose alle Hunde unter ihre Kontrolle zu bringen. Ob Inspector Gadget diesen Plan durchkreuzen kann? 2. Geschichte: In einem Geheimlabor hat Dr. Kralle riesige Monster-Äpfel gezüchtet, um die Menschheit mit ihrer Hilfe zu unterwerfen. Inspector Gadget stellt sich ihm in den Weg, doch seine Vorliebe für Apfelsaft droht ihm zum Verhängnis zu werden. Gut dass Sophie nicht weit ist und ihren Onkel unterstützt...

Turner France Presents the New Gadget Series With TEMP Image!

In the comments to yesterday's news about Boomerang France, Cortoony remarked something I hadn't quite noticed about the promotional screenshot accompanying those news: that it was in fact a work-in-progress image (from the "Game Over, Man" episode; the one the WorldScreen clip includes an excerpt of). This could be evidenced by partly different furniture, something resembling a framed picture on the left wall and, most glaringly, Quimby's freakishly long arm poking through the floor underneath the livingroom table. Well, guess what? In this official PDF from Turner France, I found a higher-res, less cropped version of the image... which shows pretty clearly why the finished episode version removed that framed picture - uh, television screen.

Is that TV channel really on pause, or are the words "TEMP image" trying to tell us something?

Here, again, is the matching episode screenshot for comparison. I find it interesting how the details revealing the temporary state of the above image have been literally covered up in the final version. Maybe that's why they went with a different type of table.

It's charming to get a glimpse into the CGI animation process... but I have to say I'm surpriced to find that glimpse in official promotional material. My guess is, the image was added to the promotional image bank in its temporary state, intended to be replaced with a final rendering later... but for some reason, that replacement didn't happen. And then for some even stranger reason, it snuck into Boomerang France's press material. This picture has come a long way.

While on the subject of Boomerang France, I should mention that the PDF was released on December 8 along with this article on Turner's kids channels from the news site Offre Media. The article specifies a few more details about the French premiere, which is now merely three and a half weeks away:

C'est Boomerang, ciblant les 4-7 ans et toute la famille, qui programmera le plus de nouveautés en 2015. Le samedi 3 janvier, la «chaîne des stars du dessin animé» (Tom & Jerry, Mr Bean...) arborera une nouvelle identité graphique, un nouveau logo, un nouvel habillage et de nouveaux codes de communication. Le même jour à 10h25, la nouvelle version de la série «Inspecteur Gadget» (52x11min) ouvrira le bal des nouveautés programmes.

In English:

It's Boomerang, targeting 4-7 year olds and the whole family, which programs the most news in 2015. On Saturday, January 3, the "channel of the cartoon stars" (Tom & Jerry, Mr Bean...) will sport a new graphic identity, a new logo, a new look and new communication codes. The same day at 10:25, the new version of the series "Inspector Gadget" (52x11 min) will open the show of new programs.

We already knew that the series would premiere on Boomerang France on January 3, the day the channel splits from Boomerang Europe at large; and also that it will air regularly at 10:25 on Saturdays and Sundays. But here we learn that the new Inspector Gadget is in fact the very first series to introduce the revamped schedule of Boomerang France. (And yeah, this is clearly part of the same Boomerang rebrand that's gradually happening around the entire globe. Boomerang France just moves at their own pace, independently of Europe at large.)

The PDF page for the series also included another interesting visual detail (see if you can find it)...

...that's right: the first release of the show's French logo! As with the original series, it is of course just like the English version except for "EU" replacing the "O".

Seeing this kinda makes me wonder if the new series might have a custom-animated, French title logo for the intro, like the 1983 series did. Then again, I doubt it. On the original show, as I mentioned yesterday, the French broadcaster FR3 was a production partner on the financial side... so it makes sense that it would ask for custom-made, French-language titles and end credits. DHX's series, on the other hand, is a 100% Canadian production.

Finally, a quick translation of Turner's French PDF presentation, because I find it a bit charming:

Inspector Gadget returns with a new production unreleased in France! Gadget is a subtle blend of Inspector Clouseau and Robocop. 
Always confident, self-assured, while being a bit careless, he leaves destroyed paths behind without understanding that he is the cause. New stories, new gadgets, new characters. 
It is me who's here, Inspector Gadget, it will be a joy... ooh ooh! [French theme song lyrics.]

The Robocop comparison makes sense, though it's amusing to me considering that the first Robocop movie premiered in 1987, several years after Inspector Gadget. Ah well. Anything to create interesting associations, I guess. (EDIT: As for more Robocop connections - true to his 1980s form of scoring nearly every cartoon show on TV, Shuki Levy of course composed the music for the 1988 animated series adaptation.)

Monday, December 8, 2014

So Apparently, Boomerang France Airs the New Inspector Gadget From January 3, 2015 (What Happened To France 3?)

Weird broadcast news today... though it seems they are legit, as I've found two sources on this by now. From a December 5 article on CB News:

La chaîne Boomerang déclinée dans le monde à partir de son exemple français

Turner Kids (Time Warner Company), qui édite les chaînes jeunesse Boing, Cartoon Network et Boomerang, annonce que cette dernière sera déclinée dans le monde dès le 3 janvier 2015 à partir de son concept et de son positionnement français. Hors de l’Hexagone, Boomerang s’adressera donc également aux 4-7 ans et à la famille avec des productions originales. Côté programmes, en France, la chaîne proposera à partir de janvier 52 épisodes inédits de l’« Inspecteur Gadget » et de « The Tom & Jerry Show », 26 épisodes de « Mr. Bean »  en avril et 13 épisodes de « Scooby-Doo »  en octobre. Parmi les nouveautés, en février prochain, 52 épisodes des « [Les] as de la Jungle » et 13 épisodes de « Wabbit » en décembre 2015.

In English (via Google Translate and myself):

Boomerang chain worldwide splits from its French example

Turner Kids (Time Warner Company), which owns the children's channels Boing, Cartoon Network and Boomerang, announces that the latter will be split worldwide from January 3, 2015 onwards from its French concept and positioning. Outside France, Boomerang thus also addresses the 4-7 year olds and families with original productions. On the program side in France, the channel offers from January 52 new episodes of "Inspector Gadget" and "The Tom & Jerry Show", 26 episodes of "Mr. Bean" in April and 13 episodes of "Scooby Doo "in October. Among the news next February, 52 episodes of "The Jungle Bunch" and 13 episodes of "Wabbit" in December 2015.

Very curious news, and I'm not sure I quite understand why Boomerang France is splitting from the programming for Boomerang Europe in general; considering that Boomerang France clearly intends to debut numerous new animated series themselves, much like Boomerang Europe will when its rebranded version rolls out in February. But maybe the French channel wishes to keep more of their classic cartoons' schedule? I really don't know.

Anyway, I mentioned there was another source for this, and that souce specifies that the above-mentioned date of the split - the Saturday of January 3 - will also see the French Boomerang premiere of Inspector Gadget. Here's the relevant extract from this December 5 posting on Les Accros aux Séries:

La nouvelle production inédite arrive en France avec Inspecteur Gadget tous les samedis et dimanches à 10h25 à partir du 3 janvier 2015 sur Boomerang, 26 épisodes de 11 minutes. 

In English:

The new and unreleased production of Inspector Gadget debutes in France on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:25 AM from January 3, 2015 on Boomerang, 26 episodes of 11 minutes.

This presentation gets one thing wrong: the new series consists of 52 episodes of 11 minutes (52 x 11 min., produced as 26 x 22), not 26 episodes of 11 minutes. But I'm assuming the rest of it is legit, as it matches and adds to the info from CB News. Plus, the post even includes a promotional image I haven't seen before... which is really just taken from the "Game Over, Man" episode clip on WorldScreen, but with different lighting. I guess this gives more of a normal, daylight glimpse into the home of Gadget, Penny and Brain:

Just for fun, here's the matching episode screenshot:

But ANYWAY. What truly confuses me about these Boomerang France news is the earlier announced info about the series' French airing. This seems to be a reversal to the situation way back in March (which I wrote about in April), when Turner issued a French press release stating that the Gadget reboot would debut on Boomerang (presumably Boomerang France) in November. That's all well and good in itself, and it even sort of makes sense that the Turner deal goes so far back. But only a few months after that press release, in July, French media everywhere was reporting that public channel France 3 had in fact purchased Gadget's reboot. This seemed to be a very good deal for the new series, one which would give it wide-spread exposure in a country where Inspector Gadget is already well-loved and considered a cult classic. So if the current news about Boomerang France are true... what happened to France 3??

There's another reason why I always liked that France 3 would broadcast the reboot: This is the channel which, under its old name "FR3", premiered the original Inspector Gadget series to French television more than thirty-one years ago. FR3 was even a production partner on the original show, putting up some of its financing. In that light, it felt kind of poetically fitting that France 3 of today would premiere the new series in France. I'm really curious what became of that deal.

Anyway, here's to the old days of Gadget on FR3... a vintage magazine ad promoting the first season's premiere run on the channel, from October 1983 to January 1985. (Scan courtesy of a generous collector whom I'll refer to here as "GC".)

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Boomerang Europe To Premiere The Inspector Gadget Reboot On February 2, 2015, Concurrently With The Channel's Rebrand

Following up on Thursday's big Boomerang news... I recently found a listing of the exact, upcoming airing schedule for the revamped Boomerang Europe, which unveils its "New Look" in February. This is part of Boomerang's current, global shift from being a classic cartoons' channel to focusing on new (or recent) animated content... so logically, the updated Gadget series is part of that shift. According to some December 3 postings on the Boomerang Europe blog - which gets its information directly from the horse's mouth, i. e. Boomerang Turner - Inspector Gadget will join the channel's schedule on Monday, February 2, the day the European rebrand officially starts. The show's planned shedule through weekdays and weekends in February is as follows (all times CET, Central European Time):

Mondays through Thursdays: 07.15, 15.55 (one half-hour each).
Fridays: 21.50 (one half-hour). 
Saturdays and Sundays: 09.40 (one half-hour).
Sundays only: 19.05, 00.50 (one half-hour each).

So there you have it - another premiere date, this one relevant to a LOT of countries, along with the airing schedule for the series through the first month.